Thursday, October 23, 2008


Funny sayings we've grown up with:

rub 'ut 'n rub 'ut (also; chew 'ut 'n chew 'ut)

Don't let anyone pull your pants down

Get a big drink of water and go sit on the toilet (it'll cure what ails 'ya)

Balowa the Horen

Championship (every meet and game was one)

What's up now Danny Bates!

And perhaps the most famous:

Heddo, my name is Sheddi Ku-dienman

-if you can think of anymore please add them to the comments!-

FFA Secretary

If ya'll didn't know Amy is in FFA (Future Farmer's of America), and not only is she in the organization but she is officially the Lone Peak FFA Secretary! She is in Indiana for something important with awards. The first day there was career day where she learned about all the jobs that are possible in agriculture and the necessity of farming for our survival. She is having a lot of fun with her friends and she earned every penny to go on the trip including food money and spending money with all her hard work teaching horse riding lessons. Amy is Awesome!! I call dibs on her when the democrats turn our nation into a socialist government, she's running my farm and raising animals for us to survive on, and don't forget her horses for transportation! We love you Amy and hope you are having WAY FUN in Indianapolis!! Gooooooo AMY!!!