Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Round 4

So the results: Love Machine -Randall (Rhi, Ryan, Ashley) I Love a Rainy Night -Matt (Ryan, Ashley) Right Round -Aaden (Rhi, Ashley) I Love Rock N Roll -Ben (Ashely) So it looks like Ashley got the theme, All these guys were born in March. Point Totals: Rhi-5 Ryan-5 Ashely-7 Jacob-2 Ben-2 There are 2 more rounds after this one...we can make it!

Bad girls - Donna Summer

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

the words start around :30

I Got a Feeling Lyrics

Just don't go past 1:30 that's when the swears start.

I Swear (Official Music Video) - All 4 One

Usher - Burn (Lyrics)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Round 2 Results and Round 3

OK so here are the results: Ghostbusters--Chelsea (no one got that one) With our Without You--Casey (Rhi got it) I Need You Now--Dad (yes we all got this one Jacob, Rhi, Ryan, Ben and Ashley) Bad Day --Gracie (Ryan and Rhi pulling in another point!) Lady --Angi, yes I know it's perfectly fitting for me (Ben and Ashley got this one) Point Totals: Jacob-2 Ryan-3 Rhi-3 Ashley-3 Ben-2 I think everyone is doing really well. This week is fun because there's a theme (actually 2 themes) Once you figure it out you'll probably get them all. Good Luck!

The Miracles - Love Machine

Eddie Rabbitt - I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT - Live in Branson MO

Flo Rida - Right Round (US Version Video)

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N Roll (Live NY)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Results and Round #2

I am so happ that so many people participated in this little game! Here are the answers and results for round #1

Black or White --AMY (that was a tricky one)
Total Eclipse of The Heart--RHI (Ryan and Ashley got it and Rhi would have but you can't give 2 answers. I may not have specified that in the rules but I like to add rules in the middle of the game.)
Centerfold--Kris (no one got that one, but I think he fits right in with the girls in bras and half slips)
SOS--Gabi (It seemed that everyone had the same idea. Right family, wriong girl)
Who Can It Be Now --Lisa (Jacob got this one)

It seems as though we have a 3 way tie. Ashley, Ryan and Jacob all have's still anyone's game!

Here's Round #2

Original GhostBusters Theme Song

U2 - With Or Without You

Eddie Fisher - I Need You Now

mmmmkay. I didn't realize that the date shows up on the video so this one is a throw-away. So there is no excuse for not getting at least 1 point.

Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics)

Sorry, I couldn't get the official video for this one.

Kenny Rogers - Lady

Sunday, March 20, 2011



So, to play you watch the video and guess who was born on the day that this song was #1.
You CANNOT look it up. If you do, you must put the word "CHEAT" after your answer.
Leave your answers in the comments and whoever gets most out of these first 5 wins.

We will have a new list of 5 in a few days.
Good Luck.
Good Night.

Michael Jackson - Black Or White

Start this one at least 2 min. in, more like 2:30.

Bonnie Tyler Live Total Eclipse of the Heart 1984 Grammy's

J. Geils Band - Centerfold

Rihanna - SOS

Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just a little something...

so we don't have to look at Kris's rear end any more...

Maeva has been slowly adjusting to Ryan's new work schedule.  She pretty much associates him with sleep (you should hear her fake snore) if he is ever home & awake she doesn't let him out of her sight.

Here she is "patiently" waiting for him to get out of the shower.



 "Are you in there?"

 "I'm coming to check on you, don't worry."

 "Help, the door won't open & my Dada is stuck in there."

(I realize this is an out-of-the-shower shot, "butt" it's a clean shot at least.

Now she can smile with ease.