Monday, November 29, 2010

The Parent's Birthday

First of all we should give a big shout-out to Rhi for putting this whole thing together. She worked so hard arranging it all and calling everyone and then at the last minute little Maeva got sick and she couldn't come...Rhi that is, not Maeva. I think everyone had a really great time and I, for one, think we should do this more often!!

Here are some pictures I took from that night.

The Jolly Photographer

The Shy Boy.

I don't know why Casey looks so mad, he's just about to get TWO dinners for the price of ONE!!!

Birthday Children
Two Hotties
Mother, modeling her new jacket...she used to model wedding gowns you know...that is until they wanted her to model the under-panties!!
Here's everyone, except me...photog extraordinaire

And here's one with everyone except you can't see Ben because of my huge cranium.

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

spOOktaculA part 2

Here is that old lady who swallowed a fly among other things.

& her body guard.

*Stay tuned for a Spooktacular Movie, coming either at Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.  Depending on how busy the film maker is.

Spooktacular Part 1.5

And... the rest of the bunch minus the Costume contest RUNNER-up!
The little Old lady that swallowed a fly.  I don't know HOW we missed her picture, sorry Marni!

The Aliens + piggy
(outer space alien and the illegal alien)

A very SCARY vampire queen.


Best Friends
(picture taken by Gabi)

The three little Hocus Pocus vampire witches.

The cutest princess witch.

And, Snow White herself!

See you next year!

Halloween Spooktacular Part I

Halloween Spooktacular 2010

This year our spooktacular was a hit!
The food was great.
The cake walk was just cakey.
The Mummy Race was spooky.
And Fear Factor rocked!

Check out some photos from the party and get ready for next year!

Mary Queen of Scots and James Bond...very UK
Mary and 'her' little lamb.
Mary, the Fear Factor WINNER!!!

Air Wood, Tiffani (Jazzercise instructor) and Hermione

Costume Contest WINNER!


And this little piggy...
went wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Mummy Game

On the Sidelines.

The Kids