Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Reunion 2010!! --REVISED--

OK folks here's the run down:

First off everyone needs to make their own t-shirts. The only guidelines are that you must have the year on it somewhere and the infinity sign somewhere (it looks like a number 8 on it's side). We just wanted to use the infinity sign as kind of a symbol for Kleinman United, eternity, get the idea.

Next, we are having a cookie competition on the first day so have your cookies pre-made if you want to participate.

Finally, we are going to be making favorite song CD's (adult & child) again this year so you need to submit your favorite song to Ryan ASAP!! if he doesn't have it by Tuesday he'll pick a song for you and he said it would be dumb.

--I don't know if this was clear, everyone in your family must submit a favorite song...even the babies.

Saturday, September 4th

9:00-11:00AM--Drop off cookies, and children to MOM and MARNI at the Kris & Marni's house. Then proceed to Grandmother Gourley's for a service project. The teams and assignments are as follows:

Angi & Ashley-Garden
Randall & Jacob-Garage
Kevin & Kris-Bathroom/Fan
Ryan & Casey-Take off baseboards
Ben & Jason- Paint Shed
Chelsea & Alex- Wash Cupboard Doors
Lisa & Matt- Wash Walls
Amy- Vacuum House

Grandmother said she'll have all the supplies we need set out at our stations when we get there, so you'll just go to your spot and start.

11:30AM--proceed to Kris' House for refreshment: cookies (we'll be judging the cookies at this time, we'll give you a paper to put down your favorite then we'll add up the votes and crown a winner.)

4:ooPM-??--proceed to Kris' House

BBQ (Thanks Kris & Marni!)
BYU game starts at 6:00pm

Sunday, September 5th

4:30PM--Highland House

Family Picture (please arrive on time so we can eat!!)
Dinner (Thanks Mom & Dad!)
Devotional --We have a special speaker coming we'd like everyone to be there.
Homemade Ice Cream

Monday, September 6th --Everyone wear your T-Shirts!!

9:00AM-11:00AM--Service Project continued...(if you weren't able to do your assignment on Saturday you can do it this day)

11:30AM-whenever--Meet at the Highland House

Pizza for lunch (thanks Dahl's!)

Music CD game and explain

More Volleyball, let the kids play...etc.

Special Thanks:

Dahl's: supplying Pizza
Kris Kleinman's: BBQ meat
Ryan Kleinman's: putting together music (if everyone could donate a couple bucks for the downloads and CD's that would be great)
Kevin Kleinman's: Meat for Sunday Dinner
Wood's:Veggies and sides for Sunday Dinner

Still Need:

Drinks: for Lunch, BBQ and/or Dinner --unless we just want water which is totally fine with me.

Chips-for BBQ

Veggie Tray-for BBQ

Watermelon?-lunch and/or BBQ

--let me (Angi) know if you can do any of these thanks!!--

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wii Senior Master Sensei

Ryan teaches his grasshoppers the way of the Wii.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I feel Pretty

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Happy Birthday Gracie

Gracie Birthday Bash!

All the partiers.

Birthday girl and Gabi.

Blowing out the 4 HUGE candles!!

Dear Angi,

Since I have very limited access to make changes on this blog save it be posts. I am requesting that you put a countdown for our most "spooktacular" Halloween party on the right side of the blog. Thank you for meeting my demands.
Love, Rhi