Friday, January 30, 2009

Get in the loop (this is not a qwest ad... promise)

Unless you want to be seriously out of the loop, I STRONGLY suggest that you do as I say!
1.  Go to the blog archive (on the right side of the blog) 
2.  Click on 2008
3.  Scroll down (& yes, it will be a long scroll) 
4.  Stop on the post made by Angi Wood on Friday, September 26th
5.  Titled "Useless Info"  it's REALLY short, so you have to have a sharp eye to catch it.
6.  Click on comments.
7. Read them ALL.
Seriously if you DON'T do this you will be sorry, so don't come crying to me when it comes back to nip you in the butt!
YOU HAVE BEEN INFORMED!!! Now... the rest is up to you.
I promise, you will NOT be wasting your precious time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Honor, Truth, Courage

This little mouse is Desperaux , he isn't real but his values are.
In the story he does not give into the social norms of mice where fear and running away from problems is acceptable.
He inspires everyone around him to live boldly with

There's a lot we can learn from this little guy:

  • let us face our challenges with COURAGE.
  • Stand for TRUTH everywhere, even within ourselves
  • Live each day HONORABLY by doing our duties to God and family first.

The Lord needs VALIANT servants and those that are measured as less will not enter his kingdom.

Let us help each other, lift each other, while taking responsibility for ourselves that we all might be found in eternity together.


Grandma's Gift

This is Addi opening her gift from Grandma on Christmas Eve.
It is a trampoline but you'd never know it from her use of the parts

It's all put together now and addi loves it thanks mom!