Saturday, October 30, 2010

Children's Christmas Gifts

I was going to have everyone draw names for their children's Christmas Gift swap...but I forgot, so being 100% honest I drew from a hat.  If you have issues let me know, I believe there is one repeat from last year, if it's a problem, let me know.  Also, I need your feedback on whether or not we are doing an adult/couple gift swap.  Comments encouraged, Thank You!

Baby Boy has Isabelle
Aaden has Damian
Addi Has Gabrielle 
Maeva has Aaden
Damian has Baby Boy
Madisen has Haylee
Gabrielle has Gracie
Isabelle has Maeva
Haylee has Madisen
Savannah has Addi
Gracie has Savannah

$10 is the gift price.