Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Time...

It is always fun to look forward to first times, first day of school, loosing your first tooth, first time riding a bike, first dates, first dances, first kisses, first children. We enjoy these firsts and often their consecutive seconds and thirds. It is harder, however, to anticipate and appreciate lasts. The last time I changed Addi's diaper was probably the millionth time I'd changed her diaper. I was ready to be DONE but even then I didn't know THAT time was the LAST time. If I did maybe I would have enjoyed it more, appreciated it more, I might have even been sad that that little bond between us would be gone. Lasts are often realized only after they're gone...maybe it's more merciful that way.

On September 12, 2009 another last, slipped away. It was the day I left No. 11091 for the last time. I wish I would have known. I probably would have walked around just...remembering...and saying good bye. I would try to remember:

trick-or-treating and passing out candy from the foundation of our un-built house

eating Burger King whoppers on the kitchen floor when it was just plywood while Dad put up shelves in the closets.

making star trek movies in the basement

lining up in the bathroom mirror downstairs making jokes, flexing (the boys obviously), and being reminded to "be quiet! the baby is asleep!"

gathering piles and piles of rocks in the yard before we put all the sod down

remembering Ryan's face when after hollering "FART's ALARM" when we thought Dad was coming, then turning around to run right smack into him.

reading The Great Brain out loud to Ryan and Ash on the water bed down stairs

the times we spent on our knees cleaning the kitchen floor--and just cleaning in general

making up funny songs while we worked

laughing-- especially in the kitchen late at night with whatever nieghbor, friend or exchange student happened to be there

the picture doors

cookie cook-off

the bed upstairs that gave friends and every other Tom, Dick and convict a place to sleep for the night

the many parties/showers/BBQ's/receptions in the kitchen and back yard

this is the where we brought Amy, Jacob, Bridger and Addi when they came home from the hospital

11091 is where we all came to eat, shower, sleep, get ready, play,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heard by Mother

This conversation was had between Gracie and Mom.

"Mom, I have some friends that have really bad habits."

"Which friend has these habits?"


"What kind of habits does she have?"

"She's been smoking."


"Yeah, but she's not going to do it anymore, I'm going to help her quit."

Really? A Smoker?