Friday, October 12, 2012

Mark your iCalendars

Now you can't say, "I didn't know about that! No one told me." NOW you are officially in the know. (as far as I know)
A list of events to finish off the year

Oct. 25-27: Jakey's play- Sound of Music (ask Jakey boy for details)
Oct. 26: Kris & Marni's Halloween party 7 pm @ their kastle
Nov. 16: Bro & Sis Kleinman's birthday
Nov. 22: Thanksgiving 12 pm noon (local TBA)
Nov 30: Sibling dinner (in lieu of gift exchange).
              reserve your babysitter now (kevin and shelli will not be available). Kids under 1-ish can come 
              Details TBA
Dec 2: Grammy's in jammies @ the funny farm at 4pm
Dec. 8:Grandma Gourley's Christmas party @ 12pm @ kevin and shelli's church
Dec 24: Christmas eve Celebration @ 5 pm @ Kevin and shelli's church


Feb? Sweet 80's themed prom-- get your attire ready. Details TBA

cousin gift exchange

Have your gift ready to exchange on Christmas eve.  I believe the budget is somewhere in range of $10 to $15.

Haylee gives to Boston
Savannah gives to Maeva
Gracie gives to Damian
Madi gives to Addi
Damian gives to Izze
Addi gives to Gracie
Gabi gives to Haylee
Izze gives to Riis
Violet gives to Madi
Aaden gives to Violet
Boston gives to Camden
Maeva gives to Savannah
Riis gives to Aaden
Camden gives to Gabi