Saturday, August 30, 2008

2009 family calendar

YES, it is getting close to that time... i am working on the calendar for the new year.  i need some pics from some of you.

ANGI: your family has been chosen to be featured in the month of.... (drum roll)
 OCTOBER.  i know you will not let me down :) you have a beautiful fall there & you all love halloween almost as much as i do right?!?! so i know you will have great costumes.  

ASHLEY: your family has been chosen for MAY.  i have one pic already there, but i need two more.  one you you & gabi & one of your whole fam.

JASON: i need some from you, but i'm not sure if you read this.  if you (or chelsea) do, please leave a comment, so i can give you your assignment.

if i didn't mention you, i've get you covered.  unless of course there is a certain picture you want me to add to it that you know i don't already have.

email them to me

you have till dec 1st, if you don't get them to me, than your month will be blank.  yep, blank.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$2 Tuesday's at Thanksgiving Point

During the month of August Thanksgiving Point had a special going on called $2 Tuesday's where you could get into any of the attractions for only $2 instead of $10, great deal! So I wanted to take advantage of every Tuesday I went with either mom or my friend Gina to either the farm, gardens, or dinosaur museum. This day we went to the farm. We had a lot of fun! And some of us (gabi and gracie) got into a little mischief at the same time...
All of us in front of Miss Kitty's Dance Hall
(Haylee, Gabi, Ashley, Jacob, Mama, Gracie, Savannah, not pictured: Izze *asleep in the stroller)

Gabi and Gracie

It ain't no day at the farm unless there's a wagon ride! Giddy-up

Grandma with Gabi and Izze

Haylee posing at the dance hall.

Mischievous little Gabi who stole that tomato from the 'Junior Master's Garden', and that wasn't the only one she or Gracie had.

Cowgirls in training!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


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